I Am 80 Pounds Lighter!


It is my distinct privilege to write to you in support of Ethan Painter as a personal trainer. Ethan served as my personal trainer at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH for two years. He is a gentleman of the highest academic, ethical and personal standards. As a fitness instructor, trainer and wellness educator, he is second to none. Had he not moved to Nashville, I would still be working with him, now.

Throughout my journey toward health and wellness, I have worked with seven fitness trainers. From the outset, it was clear that Ethan was far superior to all of them. Many trainers have their own predetermined agenda. Unlike all of the others, Ethan knows, understands and is conversant with anatomy, physiology, as well as current concepts and research in the science of exercise and fitness. At my weekly sessions, Ethan had a prepared agenda designed to target my specific needs. He was dependable and prompt. He had a positive attitude that always encouraged me toward improvement. Most importantly for me, he taught me while I worked out. He explained the science behind what he had me doing. He provided me with references that allowed me to educate myself.

Previously, I would go through the motions of working out with trainers, but had no specific goal. With Ethan, we set goals and expectations with regard to weight and athletic achievements. He kept me accountable on a weekly basis. At the outset of this journey, I weighed 262 pounds and got short of breath putting my socks on in the morning. Now, five years later at age 62, in addition to working a 50+ hour work-week, I run 3 miles, twice a week and am scheduled to run two 10K (6.2 miles) races this summer. I do resistance training at least twice each week. My favorite activities are stand-up paddle boarding, bicycling, kayaking, rowing, and swimming. And I am 80 pounds lighter at 182 pounds. I feel so much better and have so much more energy to make it through each day. This took a great deal of personal motivation, but Ethan’s guidance was crucial to my success. Food used to be my stress reliever. Now, exercise serves that role. Although food relieves stress, one always regrets resorting to it. Ethan showed me that I would never regret a work-out. One always feels better with exercise.

I give you my highest personal recommendation for Ethan Painter and his staff, without reservation.

Richard E. Gans, M.D., FACS

Cleveland Clinic

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