I Have Achieved The Most Significant Changes That I Can Ever Recall!


With my background in martial arts, I have always been an athletic person and strong for my size/gender. However, I never felt like I had reached my full potential when it came to my strength or body composition. I knew that I needed to exercise more and eat healthier, but I often allowed the busyness of my life serve as an excuse for the inconsistencies in my diet and workouts. Over time, I started to become extremely unhappy with my poor motivation and lack of confidence, and I began to lose the enjoyment I used to have when working out. I wanted to find a more structured fitness plan (as I do much better reaching my goals this way), and a friend of mine had raved about her results from working with Ethan – at that point, I knew I needed to make a change and decided to give him a shot.

Ethan is the first and only trainer I have worked with, and I honestly can’t imagine anyone else helping me achieve my fitness goals at the magnitude that he has. From the beginning, he has truly pushed me past what I ever imagined I was capable of. He has been patient with me when I have fallen off track, and has always been encouraging and motivating in my fitness journey. He has a genuine interest in my personal goals, and works diligently to find ways in helping me achieve them through a customized diet and workout plan that is safe and effective.  Most importantly, though, he has helped me believe in myself, and has empowered me to achieve whatever I set my mind to. With a new diet and exercise program Ethan has developed for me in the past 3 months, I have achieved the most significant changes in my body composition that I can ever recall. I love being able to visualize the progress I have made in my photos!

Without Ethan, I would likely still be where I was 2 years ago, wishing I was stronger physically and more confident in the way I look, but unsure of how to achieve my goals or where to even begin. If you are considering using a personal trainer and are on the fence about Ethan, I urge you to pull the trigger and give him the opportunity to help you reach you goals, however big or small they may be. I can promise that as long as you work hard and follow his instruction, you will see amazing results.

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