I Was Able To Lose Nearly 30 Pounds!


Before I started training with Ethan, I was at the heaviest I had been in my life and dreaded the thought of getting into a bathing suit for an upcoming vacation. My heart rate and blood pressure were elevated, and I knew it was time for a change. I tried many other diets, was able to lose some weight, but always ended up gaining it back. My weight has yo-yo’d all throughout my adult life, leaving me feeling very defeated.

I felt working with Ethan was a solution to developing a healthier lifestyle, confidence in my appearance, and physical health. When I started working with Ethan, I was super nervous because I hadn’t worked out in many years. I was bound to embarrass myself. Ethan was extremely professional, nonjudgmental, and caring, which eased my mind from the first day we started working together. He designed a nutrition and exercise program that was very easy to start, fit my goals, and built up slowly so that I could feel successful. This definitely facilitated my motivation to continue.

Following the program that Ethan designed for me and using Ethan for accountability, I was able to lose nearly 30 pounds within four to five months and get vacation ready, but I did it slowly and in a healthy way. I was able to get my resting heart rate and blood pressure back within a normal range, but most of all, Ethan taught me exercise and eating tools that I continue to use now. Maintaining weight loss is difficult for me, but having felt success through working with Ethan, I no longer doubt my ability to exercise or choose the right balance of foods for my body. Ethan’s assistance was invaluable, and I am extremely grateful for his support!


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