Ethan is the Best!

I have been working with Ethan for a little over a year and a half. I came to him initially just wanting to get in better shape and expected him to give me workouts to complete and that would be about the extent of our trainer-client relationship.

Ethan really surprised me by not only listening to what goals I had but creating custom workouts on a weekly basis to help me target the areas I wanted to work on and truly pushing me past what I even dreamed I was capable of. He is not the stereotypical trainer that uses fear tactics or follows fads to train his clients – he is educated in his profession and specialty and uses his evidence-based knowledge to help people achieve their goals the right way.

He taught me about each exercise, why he was incorporating them into my training regimen, and how they would help me reach my fitness goals. He has taken extra time to help me understand nutrition better and the importance of incorporating the proper amount of macros into my diet to elevate my athletic performance and improve my physique.

I have been able to decrease my body fat from 18% to 15%, increase my push-ups from 25 in a row to 49, squat 190lbs and bench my body weight at 125lbs. I can tell Ethan truly cares about helping his clients succeed in whatever goals they set out to reach, and invests his time into making sure they have the tools needed to do so. THANK YOU, Ethan!

Natalie W. on December 30, 2016

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